stuck in the 2000s, but ironically very progressive ™

the basics

name: pipca
if we're close friends, call me: tandy
real name: becca
pronouns: she/they
april 11th
occupation: artist, store cashier

likes: dislikes: comfort characters: favorite games:
comfort needles oblina (AAAHH!! real monsters) crash nitro kart (GBA)
nostalgia gore rosalina wario land 3
bathrobes conflict pikachu (pokémon) club penguin
nintendo DSi anxiety ditto (pokémon) nickelodeon all-star brawl
art wario mother 3
sleeping tangy (animal crossing) mario kart DS
guinea pigs rayman crash bandicoot 2: cortex strikes back
bunnies daggett (angry beavers) the king of fighters '98
french fries king k. rool super mario bros. 2
dr. mario
killer instinct (2013)


are you transgender?

yes. im a trans woman. my pronouns are she/they

where are your commission prices?

on my ko-fi. please check that out on my home page (press the back button).

how do you pronounce pipca?


why does this page look old?

its a tribute to geocities pages back in the early 2000s.
im a huge nostalgic geek so this kinda site is my jam.

why do you draw girls so chubby?

if you've seen my art, you probably notice i give the girls i draw more rotund proportions most of the time.
this is just how i like to draw. im chubby myself and sometimes i just draw girls chubby cuz i like to. theres nothing else to it really.

why do you have so many sonas?

life is all about experimentation. truth be told sometimes i dont even know what i look like.
my sonas are a representation of myself, and just like me, they're subject to change.

click here for my sona's reference sheet.

click here to learn about my sonas.